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in san antonio

Here is a super quick way to find a pet sitter in your San Antonio neighborhood.


Around the u.s.

Live in another state? No problem. Find a pet sitter anywhere in the U.S.

around the world

Visit petsit.com ( Pet Sitters International) to find a pet sitter in your country.

Pet Parent Resources

Here you can find information to help make caring for your furry kiddos a lot easier.

dog food blog

Find out what vets and dog moms and dads are saying about commercial dog foods. And learn the pros and cons of the latest in dog food diets.

Pet blog

Get great pet care tips, weather safety advice, DIY skin and pest treatments, and a lot more here. 

More Pet Parent Resources

Here you will find dog trainers, cat sitters, and all things needed when leaving your furry kiddos with their favorite sitter.

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Find a "cats only" sitter

Have a finicky cat who's behavior you don't even understand sometimes? Relax. If you're looking for a pet caregiver who knows more about cat care than most, you can find them here, along with other cat parent resources.

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free Pet sitter instruction sheets

Need to leave town, but don't have time to make ultra detailed notes for your sitter? No problem. Here are some free downloadable pet sitter and dog walker instruction sheets.