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You may schedule as few as 2 recurring dog walks throughout the week. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dog Walking Rates

Walks while clients are away. These walks may include a water break a snack and a meal. You may also receive a short pet update video (with music). Clients will also receive a photo via text.

1 Dog 30 min. - $22

2-3 Dogs 30 min - $25

2-3 Dogs 45 min. - $35

4 or more dogs - additional $7 each

Dog walks while clients are at home.  Your sitter will give your furry kiddo water while on the walk, and will give you a verbal report when he/she returns. Meals, are not included, but text may be sent upon request.

1 Dog 30 min. - $20

2-3 Dogs 30 min - $23