Hi! I'm Graciela Liana Grimball, but my friends just call me Graciela L.🐶. Thanks for checking out my dictionary. This is a list of words and phrases my dog friends and I put together just for our blog. We listed everyday phrases, then added our own meanings. Got a word or phrase of your own that you want to share? Add it in the comments, and I will add it to the list. Yes, I can write. Along with "sit and stay" classes, my obedience school also offered a "Writing English When You Don't Have Opposable Thumbs" class plus keyboarding and selfie courses, for those of us who might have been considering careers in social media in the future. So I enrolled, and aced them all. 😎 You can visit my dictionary below.

❤ Graciela L. 

  • Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: The proper way to eat "people food."

  • Pee Mail: Messages left in the grass by other dogs.

  • Small Talk: When toddlers have lengthy conversations with the dogs they live with.

  • Get Your Act Together: Convince a group of dogs in your house or neighborhood that you should all do bad things together as a team.

  • Slow Down: To Purposefully take forever to get into a "down-stay" when told to do so by a human.

  • Rain Check:  Sticking only your nose out of the door just before a backyard potty break, to see if it is raining. Then slowly walking backwards into the house if you discover that it is.

  • Cut Corners: Frantically, yet carefully dashing through the house to the front door because your mom or dad just got home.

  • Hot Food: Any food you took without permission.

  • Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: The proper way to eat "people food."

  • Hanging Out : Laying your feet over the side of the bed or couch you are sleeping on. It is also the prefered position used when riding in a car with a window down.

  • Double Bed: When two dogs squeeze into a dog bed meant for a single dog.

  • Taking It Easy: Stealing human food when no one is paying attention.

  • Keep It Down: Barking while in a crouched position.