Although this site explains a lot about what we do and how, we still receive many questions from our visitors. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.


Q. How long has Emily's Dog Jogger been in existence?

A. We were officially established in 2012.

Q. How many team members do you have?

A. We usually work with 3-5 staff members throughout the year.

Q. Do you only pet sit?

A. No. Along with vacation visits, we also have specific pet clients we walk daily, Monday -Friday.

Q. How does your daily dog walking service work?

A. Our clients set up a daily walking schedule for their furry kiddos, then we arrive each day to walk their pet during the window of time designated for them.

Q. How do vacation visits work?

A. Clients may request a set of visits using their "client portal." Once their request has been approved, they will receive a schedule confirmation and invoice via the client portal. Vacation visits may require visits from more than one member from our team.