New Puppy Tip #1 : Before they come home...


1. Carve out some time to prepare for, and get adjusted to your new pet. 

Although dogs are amazingly adorable, they are A LOT of work. Make sure that you , or the person receiving the pup is aware that he will be joining the family. They will need to make time during the day to potty train, walk and play with their new furry kiddo. They will also need time to chose the veterinarian they feel most comfortable with etc. 

2. Create a schedule for playtime and exercise.

After working with dogs daily for the past 4 years, I cannot stress enough how important exercise is to the health and well being of your dog. A well exercised pup is much more cooperative, and much less destructive than one that doesn't get out much.

3. Choose a quality pet food.

Cheaper pet foods are often made with harmful low quality ingredients. If fed for a long period of time, they may actually shorten your their life span. You don't have to feed your new pup the most expensive food out there, but you should definitely do some research. Start with choosing a grain-free food and go from there.