Three Ways to Exercise Your Dog Without Exhausting Yourself

Many unwanted doggie behaviors stem from the lack of, or not enough exercise. Some of these behaviors include destroying furniture, excessive barking and separation anxiety. 

This may sound scary, but there is no need to panic. Here are four ways to curb your pooch's appetite for bad behavior.

1. Use a Doggie Backpack. You can lightly pack it with small items you will be taking on your walk/hike, such as back up poo bags and water. Your dog will appreciate being given some responsibility, and it will cause him to focus on something other than random squirrels and other dogs.

2.  Teach him how to walk on a treadmill. This will allow him to get a great workout, while you catch up on some t.v. time. Since treadmill training can be tedious, we suggest you call in an expert. Many dog trainers will teach your pup how to handle the treadmill with ease. 

3. Hire a dog walker. Dog walkers and pet sitters will gladly drop by and take your dog for a walk or run. Not only will this give you a few moments of quiet time, but it will also give him the chance to burn off some energy, and return to you calm and relaxed.

Below : Our client Jake is learning to walk on a treadmill with Stephanie Garza from