A letter from "Dooley" the dog

Dear Burger Place,

I would like to thank you for being the place that burgers come from. Why you ask? Well let me share "a short tail" with you. The other day my pet sitter walked into my house holding a yellow item of food which she called a "banana." It looked harmless, and actually quite yummy. "Hi Dooley!," she gleefully shouted. Would you like a piece of this banana?" She made it sound so enticing, that I took a bite. And Whoa, I really regretted it. Bananas are really yucky, so I spent most the day trying to get that eerie scent out of my head. Since I can't talk, all I could do was frantically shake my head and frown. Well, she apparently got the message and left, then  returned with a special "I'm sorry treat." When she opened the door, I could see that she was holding an amazingly delicious burger in her hand, which the light from outside landed on top of creating a kind of food halo. "Would you like a piece of this burger Dooley?" Why yes, yes I would you little "banana pusher." One bite, and I was cured. That banana taste was gone forever. So once again, thank you, thank you, thank you burger place!

Love always,

Dooley The Dog