6 Steps To Prepare Your Pets For A Hurricane

This year's hurricane season has been one of the most destructive in history, but it is not over yet.

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season started on Thursday, June 1st and doesn't end until Thursday November 30th.

So we have compiled a list of 6 basic steps you can take to help insure your pet's safety during a hurricane.

1. Make sure that your pet is micro-chipped. And remember, micro-chips aren't just for dogs. Reptiles, birds, horses and even guinea pigs can be micro-chipped.

2. Make sure they are wearing an ID tag as well. This will serve as the first item rescuers would use to reunite you with your pet, in the event you were separated from each other. If your pet does not already wear one, you can make one using a luggage or key tag. Write on it using a ball point pen to avoid smearing if the tag comes in contact with water. Tip: A luggage tag can be braided into a horse's mane.

3. Before evacuating, find a shelter that will except pets. If the only shelter you can find is unwilling to take your pet, make arrangements with a pet shelter or boarding facility that will be taking pets in during this emergency.

4. Pack your pet's traveling supplies. Bring a pet carrier ( and crate for dogs), a blanket and a 3-5 day supply of food,  water and medications for your pet. You can bring a box and a roll of trash bags to create a traveling kitty litter box.

5. Bring extra dog leashes. Once you have arrived at the shelter, your dog may spend a lot of time in their crate and will need to take regular bathroom breaks. So when he has to go, just attach his leash to his collar as you do at home, and take him out for some fresh air and a potty break. You can also share any extra leashes with other pets who may need them.

6. Place a list of emergency contacts in your pet's supplies.  This listof names should include your family veterinarian, and a friend or relative who may be able to care for your animal in case something were to happen to you during the storm.