The #1 Way To Cure Pet Hot Spots, Rashes and Ear Infections

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Change Your Pet's Diet

The number one way to cure your pet's hot spots, skin rashes, and ear infections is to edit or change their diet. This is because these symptoms are commonly linked to the ingredients found in many pet foods. Some of these ingredients are not derived from natural sources and are not something your "kiddos" should be ingesting on a regular basis. This list includes dyes, synthetic preservatives and added hormones. Other ingredients in your pet's food that may be causing these issues are foods that there body doesn't need on a regular basis, like corn, wheat, rice or soy. These foods are often used as fillers and are typically not biologically appropriate . They are typically only added to kibble to save the pet food company money when producing the product.


Bad Ingredients To Look Out For In Dog Food

Always read the labels on your pet's food. We suggest you avoid purchasing a dog food that contains the following:

1. BHA, BHT Ethoxiquin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Selenite

2. Meat meal & by products

3. Corn, wheat, soy & beet pulp

4. Products from China and rendering plants

5. Onions, grapes, garlic and avocados



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