Our top 10 Dog Foods Part 1

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When it comes to feeding your furry kiddos, you probably have a pet food brand or two that you stick with. However, you might be in search of a new brand of food if you just got a new pet, or simply want to change up your pup's dinner recipe a little. So we decided to make it easier on you by seeking out recommendations online.

Our plan was to search for a great list of quality pet foods, find it, add it to this post, then proudly admire our good deed. However, while scouring the web in search of a list of America's best dog food, we discovered something we didn't expect. We found that there are several lists of (we're talking tons) "The Best Pet Foods" all over the internet. They have been created by many different companies, as well as individual veterinarian bloggers who know their way around pet food ingredients. So we decided to choose a "Best Pet Foods" list, then explore what each brand themselves, as well as, their customers are saying about their well loved foods. There are so many that we will need to feature the other lists in later blog posts. But for now, here is the featured list for this post.

10 of Our Favorite Dog Food Brands from reviews.com

If you are a pet parent searching for a specific kind of food for your furry kiddo, know that we added each company's unique benefit claim to the list below, to make your search easier.

  1. Orijen  (Biologically appropriate)
  2. ACANA  (Biologically appropriate)
  3. Eagle Pack (No fillers or artificial preservatives)
  4. Fromm (First to create a complete dog meal in kibble form in 1949)
  5. Nature's Logic (Whole food recipes)
  6. Stella & Chewy's (Raw food recipes)
  7. Wysong (holistic recipes)
  8. Pinnacle (Grain free recipes)
  9. Primal (Raw food recipes)
  10. Hi-Tek Naturals (Careful ingredient sourcing)

Next, we visited each brand's website and listed information we thought would help you decided whether this brand was the right one for you and your furry family. We featured three facts for each brand that they listed on their webpages.

1. Number of brand categories of food

2. Number of varieties offered

3. The company's unique benefit claim, or Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

To let you in on what customers thought of their products, we also added links to their customer reviews. 

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